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Discover a new way to plan ahead with VenueCaps.

COVID-19 Tracking Added!

VenueCaps allows you to track all of your customers for COVID-19 tracking requirements.
Have people scan a QR code or fill out their details manually.
To get this set up, simply go to your profile and under settings, check 'Tracking Patron Details'.
Stop stressing about new regulations and get back to doing what you do best!

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Download the free app to search and save your favourite venues.

The VenueCaps app is completely free for customers and allows you to search for venues that are using the VenueCaps platform and see real time customer numbers.

Check whether your favourite venues are full before heading out!

Save your favourite venues to quickly see their numbers.

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Track And Share Your Day To Day Business Availability for Free!

VenueCaps is a completely free platform that encourages customer spontaneity and a walk-in service! 

The VenueCaps software is used to track real-time patron numbers and automatically updates your profile so customers can view your business availability at all times of the day.

Venue Features

Track Customers for Free!

Track how many customers are in your venue and allow customers to see availability, so they know when they can enjoy everything your venue has to offer!

Promote Your Venue

You can send out specials to encourage people to ‘favourite’ your venue, making sure your venue appears on their homescreen every time!

Notify Customers

Worried you might lose customers if your venue is full? We’ve added a queuing system so you can keep customers rolling in as space opens up. Your customers can elect to be notified by SMS or email once space becomes available.

Keep Current

Wondering how you’ll update capacity when you’re busy with existing customers? Your staff can have the app on their own device allowing anyone working a shift to update the numbers for you! Only one login is required and the app is so simple to use, updates will take only seconds.

Customer Features

The VenueCaps mobile app makes planning ahead and monitoring business peak times effortless.

Avoid Full Venues

Never worry about getting all dressed up and then your favourite venue being too busy again.

Save Your Favourite Venues

Save your favourite venues to quickly see how busy they are.

Receive Special Offers

When you favourite a venue, you will receieve notifications for exclusive offers to that venue.

Sign Your Venue Up for Free

Sign Your Venue Up for Free

Have your customers know the best time to visit you.

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How It Works

Helping Aussie Businesses Grow.
More Exposure, More Customers, More Business.

VenueCaps is easy, simple and ready to share your business capacity online. Helping many industries navigate through the difficult Covid-19 pandemic and capacity restrictions, it’s time to explore how VenueCaps can help you today!

Here’s a quick look at how it’s managed.


Profiles are managed by businesses.
Each business who signs up to VenueCaps is responsible for managing their own profile, real-time data and any sales information shared on the app.

An allocated staff member within a business is given the task for monitoring customers who enter and leave a venue.

This data is recorded using the simple + / – clicker, which shares this information on your VenueCaps profile for future customers to view anywhere, at any time.


Customers search for businesses online!
Whether it’s scrolling through our app or searching for businesses through our website, VenueCaps seamlessly allows customers to view how full your venue is.

By eliminating the most troubling step of making a booking, VenueCaps increases walk-in foot traffic for businesses helping you to generate more sales and improve customer experiences.

Let’s get started and grow your business!

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Let’s get started and grow your business!

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