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If you can’t find a venue, you should let them know you want them to sign up!

Venuecaps is a completely free service and will help you know where to go.

Alternatively, you can send us an email at info@venuecaps.com and we will talk to them directly.

To ‘favourite’ a venue, search for their name, click on their profile and hit ‘Favourite’.

You will then be able to see the venue’s status when you first open the app and will receive notifications when they add new specials.



When customer tracking is turned on in the app there is a section on the profile page to download the data.

You need to use the View Profile as customers button from within the Profile section. Your customers will be able to see the link when you share it, it’s just that your browser remembers you logged into the business user section of the platform. Alternatively, you can use incognito mode in Chrome which will work when you paste the link.

Try refreshing the page, clearing your cache, using a different web browser or log in and out.
If you are still having issues, please contact technical support at info@venuecaps.com

Because it’s a browser based app, it can be used on any computer, tablet or mobile phone that has access to a web browser.

On a mobile device, it is best to create a tile on your home screen to access the app. For instance, on an iPhone you can simply click on the middle button at the bottom of the screen in Safari and then click on Add to Home Screen.

No. You need to provide the login email and password to each staff member that will be using the app.

Yes, you will need to have a separate login for each venue to eliminate the risk of staff changing the wrong counters, staff changing the login details and also to be able to share the customer page to the social media pages for each venue location.

We have written up a short tutorial for people looking to set up a QR code for contact tracing COVID-19 restrictions.

Click below to learn more.

Tracking Customer Details for COVID-19

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